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Traducciones similares Traducciones similares para speak English en español. Spanish direccionar chamullar disertar orar decir hablar. English sustantivo. English adjetivo.

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Spanish inglés inglesa ingleses inglesas. Ejemplos de uso Ejemplos de uso para "speak English" en español Estos enunciados provienen de fuentes externas y pueden ser poco precisos. English These proposals lessen the requirement to speak English across air traffic control. English I will speak English when I have to, to explain, but my own language comes first. English Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, as a kind of compensation I should like to speak in English now.

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English I went along as an interpreter, because he doesn't speak English. English preference will be given to candidates who speak English. May 3, Hello, I would like to speak English, with someone wants too..

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June 14, May 2, You can practice with me. I speak English.

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Not Skype, but we can talk about the lessons here. May 5, Me llamo Alexis, de Ameríca, aprendiendo español. Puedo practicar mí español mientras tu practica inglés. I want chat in inglinsh. MariTriniG September 22, May 6, May 4, Hi, welcome to DuoLingo.

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I hope you continue to learn to speak English. June 24, February 6, Hello norbelys, are you interesting in practice english. Hey people lets practice. Just call or send me a msg and we can talk throug skype. May 7, May 8, I can speak fairly good English and want to learn Spanish September 27, I need help with spanish and could help you. Talk more in private?

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May 27, January 6, September 18, April 27, Hello, i'm Jesus. I want to speak to practice my english for once ir twice hours a week. May 18, I am learn Spanish now and I want to talk Beni windowslive. June 17, October 22, English speaker needs help with speaking Español.

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Mindgirli yahoo. March 10, December 14, Hello, I speak english but I want to practice with people who speak spanish. April 4, I can help you a little bit if you're interested. April 5, April 6, December 11,